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Gradings are divided into two types: Kyu (ie the coloured belts, junior and senior) and Dan (black belts)


Kyu Gradings

Kyu gradings are done by JVI member Dan grades (black belts).   The grader takes responsibility for the standard of the student and his /her knowledge of JVI/JFA requirements.

The gradings are carried out in accordance with JFA Grading Policies and registered on-line by the grader.    This means that the student receives a JFA certificate, making the grading official.

Online Kyu Grading Application

Senior belts are freely available from your usual suit supplier.   Junior belts are of a less usual design and the JFA no longer supplies them

Junior belt suppliers:

Lee Alenaddof
Ph: 02 4283 4363

Shane Alvisio

Rusty Sports
Danny Rusitovic
Ph: 0404838099

Sensei’s Martial Arts Store
Ph: 02 9832 1389


JFA Special Needs Grading Policy


JFA Kyu Grading Policies

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Dan Gradings

Dan (black belt) gradings must be done by the JVI Rank Accreditation Board and be approved by the JFA.   Two copies of the JFA Dan Grade Application Form, with passport type photographs and fee, must be filled in and submitted to the JVI Rank Accreditation Board in accordance with the JVI applications and procedures, below.

For 4th Dan (yondan) and above you should also complete and attach a Judo Biography (for template see below).   The RAB will assign a grader, set a time and place for the grading and provide details of the grading format.   The grading becomes official when you receive your JFA Certificate, which will generally be presented at a JVI tournament.

For any recognition of overseas gradings you should complete the first page of the grading application, provide a Judo Biography (see template below) and all certificates and/or letters from the grading authority.   Competition points gained in events outside the State must be supported by written evidence.

JFA Dan Grading Policies

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