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There are always many referees in training who cannot be included in this list

“The referees are the guards of the physical, cultural and philosophical expression of Judo.”  (IJF 2017)

As of 4 December 2016:

Name Level Current Position Past Positions Held
Alway Peter OJU A National Commission
Arkle Ben JVI A
Ashley Stan OJU A State Commission
Cox Rodney IJF State Commission Oceania Commission
Dronryp OAM John CONT (Hon)  Deceased, 2017 National Commission
Gillies Ian CONT (Hon) State Commission
Grogan Graeme JFA A
Lara Raoul JVI C
Legaud Christophe CONT State Commission
Matthews Michelle JFA C
McPhee Garry JVI B
Mosley Cameron JVI Table C
Papadinitropoulos Nick JVI C
Pettett David JFA A
Sharpe Neville CONT  Inactive, as JFA President National Commission
Slade Malcolm CONT (Hon) National Commission
Walker Trudy CONT Ret’d National Commission
Van Heerden Suzette IJF State Commission


Badges that are worn by JVI Referees:



Note: IJF B is is an earlier name for the IJF Continental Licence


Referees are generally distinguished by the jacket pocket badge which only distinguishes State, National, Oceania (OJU or other IJF Union), Continental (IJF B) and IJF (IJF A).

JVI Referees in Training and up to JVI B licence wear a JVI Referee Polo Shirt.