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Presidents Report               Doug Noack

On the day of the February Summer Starter Tournament, two images emerged.  One was of a legendary figure in Judo Victoria, probably the most famous and inspirational leader JVI has ever had.         A man who has not only set an amazing record as an Olympic judo athlete, but who since “retiring” has gone on to set new records in the unforgiving arena of the UFC ring. Dan Kelly, four-time Olympian, State Coach and Vice-President of Judo Victoria, inspired the crowds of JVI members who watched him win his UFC bout in the USA. His win has no doubt inspired many of the State Team to achieve greater heights themselves.

Yet I feel that even had he lost that bout, Dan would still have inspired his followers here in Victoria. Simply by entering that UFC ring at the ripe old age of XX (actual age deleted to protect the health of the author) Dan showed immense courage, and enormous strength of spirit. Dan’s will to win is what has made him a legend. His will to win, his refusal to give up under any circumstances, has taken him to four Olympic Games. His will to win is what has given him the courage to step into the UFC ring. His courage, tenacity and refusal to accept defeat are what have made him the inspirational father figure that he is within the Judo Victoria family.
But he’s not the only inspirational figure in Judo Victoria.                                                                               If you look at the picture of young Riley Cantwell, you can find inspiration there too. Riley was fighting in his first JVI tournament on the same day that Dan was achieving near immortality in America.
If you take just one look at Riley’s face, you will see the same determination that has made Dan Kelly famous. Riley’s expression is the embodiment of the line from the rap song: “…100% concentrated power of will…”. Riley is clearly determined to give his best effort to win his bout.
As it happened, Riley didn’t win that bout. But anyone can see that he won what mattered. He had the courage to enter the tournament and step on the mat, just like Dan Kelly. He had a steely determination to win. Just like Dan Kelly, he wasn’t going to go to bed that night wondering if he could have done more. And just like Dan Kelly, he was already a winner before the bout had been decided, because he had the courage to step on the mat in the first place.
This is why JVI now gives every competitor in its tournaments a certificate of participation. A participation certificate is not a consolation prize. It’s an acknowledgement that you are a winner, because you had the courage and the strength of spirit to step on the mat and give it your best shot.
Two figures. Two faces. One a father figure of the Judo Victoria clan, the other one of our youngest offspring. Yet both embody the same amount of courage and determination.
I think this is why I love judo.  


Women making a difference

Women and girls make up only a quarter of JVI Members but we have wonderful women making a contribution to our organisation every day.
JVI would like to thank all the Women of Judo- the athletes, coaches, referees, committee members, volunteers, helpers and administrators.
We asked a number of them what Judo had given them-
Jean Poole – Coughlan Victorian State Team Manager

A long time ago, just after I started uni back in Ireland, I was in college late one evening when I saw a notice about the Trinity College Judo Club and decided to go along and see what it was about. I met my husband there, so it's fair to say that Judo has had a major influence on my life! Joining Judo Clubs in the various places I have lived (Ireland, USA, Scotland and Aus) gave an immediate set of like-minded friends, making settling-in so much easier than it might otherwise have been. We still have good friends from Judo in Ireland, Scotland and NZ.  I have always done a lot of volunteer work in Judo and the other sports my kids have been involved in; I quite enjoy helping things to run smoothly for everyone, and it is fascinating to watch the players develop over the years. Because my own children are now achieving at a very high level in Judo I have traveled all over the world with them to competitions, which has been a great opportunity for all of us.



Women in Judo

Sandy Hollingworth   Tournament Director and Life Member
 Judo has given me lifelong friendships and some wonderful experiences and memories.

Janet Lambert   Coach, Committee member, Athlete
Judo has presented me with the opportunity to make lifelong friends, meet many inspirational Sensei, given me joy teaching and sharing an exciting sport, provided a valued interest and the tools to deal with the highs and lows of life with the added bonus of traveling around Australia and the World, competing in the sport I love for over 50 years.

Aoife and Maeve Couglan  Athletes
Aoife - Judo has given me a ‘second family’ of really good friends all over the country.

Maeve - through Judo I have made a great set of great set of friends that I think of as family and I have been lucky enough to travel the world doing something I love.
Trudy Walker Referee
What has Judo given me - an extended family, a lifetime set of values, it has taught me discipline and respect, it has shown me there are results for hard work, I have friends from when I started judo at eight years old, an understanding of dedication and desire to achieve, and acknowledgement that every person in the judo family is a valuable member from the judo player, the parent, the volunteer timekeeper and yes the referees, and finally Judo has given me the opportunity to repay my growing up in this sport with the support of wonderful peers and coaches, by putting back in to Judo as a referee. 
A quote : In life you never lose, you simply win or you learn. ( I apply this to everything I do including my Judo)

Maria Pekli  State Coach
Judo has been very much a part of my my life for nearly 30 years. I got to travel the world and make lasting friendships in my native Hungary, in Australia and all around the world.. It has given me a great appreciation for the human body and what it can do if it is controlled by a focused and determined mind.

Australia Day Judo Camp

State Team Girls with Manager, Jean Poole-Coughlan

Grants now available

 Grants now available to JVI Members from Sport and Recreation Victoria   


VicTalent provides a $500 travel assistance grant to community sport and recreation organisations in rural and regional  Victoria to assist athletes,officials and teams with the  travel costs of engaging in training and competition

 Elite Athlete Travel  Grants                                                                                                                                           The Elite Athlete Travel Grant Program provides grants to assist  elite Victorian athletes to travel to compete at national championships or international events.

 If you require advice or assistance with the application process, please contact Robyn our Sports Development Officer at

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