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New News Welcome to our May newsletter

Presidents Report  
What does the term “yawara” mean? 
When I teach this to my students, many of them (in their innocence) misunderstand it as simply meaning, “softness”.                       
This is literally correct but in Judo terms “yawara” means achieving your goal by being flexible in your mind as well as with your body. Being “soft” doesn’t mean being “weak”, it means you’re ready to win by whatever method works best. Experienced judoka don’t just win with their favourite technique; they’re ready to use a range of back up techniques to get beat their opponent.

Judo Victoria is embracing the principal of “Yawara” in its drive to promote the practice of Judo. Currently about 12% of JVI members attend any given tournament. (The irony is that around 38% of JVI members attend tournaments, just not all at the same time – if they did the number of competitors would triple) Clearly tournaments don’t appeal to all of our members – so the JVI Committee is re-thinking the very concept of the “tournament”.

How do you re-think a tournament?
The first step is to assess the level of the tournament. After the National Titles in June, the next event for our top players will be the Southern Cross Open in August. This JFA level tournament is for elite competitors – anyone who wishes to compete for Victoria at the 2016 Nationals should be signing up for the Southern Cross tournament.
But not everybody wants to fight at the elite level. So the Regional Tournament scheduled for July 19 will take an entirely new approach.                                            
On Sunday 19th July, JVI will hold its Regional Tournament – in three separate locations. On the same day, Regional Tournaments will be held in Lilydale, Footscray and in Geelong. The tournament has been split into three tournaments for a number of reasons:

  • To bring the tournaments closer to the members – some members have a long journey to get to Springers Leisure Centre. At least one of the three regional tournaments should be closer to you.
  • To encourage beginners and club members – being on the big mats in front of a crowd can be daunting! At these localised tournaments, you should feel more comfortable about stepping on the mat and having a go.
  • To train our next generation of referees – you will find that club seniors (brown belts and dan grades) will be trying their hand at refereeing, supervised by our qualified referees.
  • To train our next generation of volunteers – when everybody helps, tournaments are easy to run. At these smaller tournaments you will be asked to help with time-keeping, scoring and some of the other tasks that need to be done to hold a tournament.

In short, the July tournaments will be a great learning opportunity for our new competitors, and a great opportunity to develop leadership skills as well. I encourage you, particularly if you don’t normally come to JVI tournaments, to sign up for your Regional Tournament and get involved. And while you’re at it, if you can think of any ways to make judo tournaments a bit more enjoyable, hand in your ideas to the tournament director at each tournament – have your say and help make judo competitions more rewarding and more fun for all!!

Doug Noack, President

Accredited NCAS Coaches - congratulations

As the Senpai to Sensei Coach Development program concludes, JVI would like to congratulate the following coaches (to date) who have completed the requirements of the NCAS Judo Club Coach. They attended JVI coach workshops, completed a First Aid qualification and undertook the ASC Online Coaching Course.

" The S2S workshop was great. The ASC Online coaching course was easy to do, didn't take very long and I got quite a bit  from it - I'd recommend doing it.".    
Russell Freemantle

 Well done - Louisa Hall (Western), Rob Casey (Endeavour Hills), Russell Freemantle (Resilience), Ian Wallis.(Yamada)  Robert Coelho (Grampians) Pat Quek (Shinojimakai)

Watch out  for more Coach development opportunities coming soon!

Foam Rolling  
A recovery technique?       What's it all about?

JVI asked Remedial Massage Therapist and  Strength and Conditioning Coach, Milly Ingham about it.

"Foam rolling or ‘Self-myofacial release’ (SMR) is a self-massage. The deep compression smooths and lengthens your muscles, breaking up adhesions and scar tissue caused by training. Foam rolling increases blood flow to the muscles which in turn increases your movement and range of motion, which decreases the chance of injury. The increased blood flow also helps to enhance recovery time.
Without foam rolling and stretching we can experience loss of flexibility, adhesions (tight spots), and sometimes painful movement.
Trigger points (sore areas) can often be felt when foam rolling and it is good to use the foam roller on these points. Hold the foam roller on your trigger point for 15-30 seconds, as that area will need special attention, and then continue to roll up and down the muscle. Remember that the foam roller is for the muscles and connective tissue around the joints, not for the joint itself, therefore don’t put the joint directly on the roller. If your muscles or tissues are inflamed, do not use the foam roller or you could cause more damage to your body.

Please note, if injuries persist or need more attention, please seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist."

Milly Ingham,
Personal Trainer, Brunswick Baths           
For more information please contact me at
Congratulations to Malcolm Slade. Malcolm was a finalist in the Julius L Patching Sports Official of the Year Award for 2014. Malcolm and family enjoyed the celebration at the Victorian Olympic Council Awards Function which was held at the MCG.
State Team Update

With 2 training sessions to go before Nationals, we spoke to some of the  State Coaches to see how the the Vic Team is shaping up.

Head Coach, Maria Pekli;
" I'm very happy with the progression of the team- they seem to be sharp and I think they are ready for Nationals."

Coach, Paul Coughlan:
"We have been happy with the intensity and that the team has  been training constructively. All team members have training Uke and Tori which is good, the drills are being completed to a high standard  and our team members appear to be enjoying them. I think we are looking good for Nationals"

Judo Victoria wishes all the team,coaches and officials participating at Wollongong, all the very best for a successful Nationals campaign.

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