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Welcome to the June 15 Newsletter

From the President

I love June.                                                                                                                                                                    It’s both the most exciting part of the JVI Calendar, and a time for a little rest too!
The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend was a very busy and exciting one for the members of the Victorian State Team. 81 judoka, plus support staff in the form of parents, volunteers, coaches and managers all made their various ways to Wollongong for the Australian Judo Championships.
This was the culmination of many hours of training, in local gyms, in clubs around Victoria and at State Training each Sunday at Resilience. For about a quarter of our team, it was their first time competing at the nationals. Their goal was obviously to do their best, build up some experience at the national level and hope for some luck. Our more experienced judoka went to Wollongong with their sights set on a gold medal.                                                                                                                                                                The Victorian Team performed extremely well. A team of 81 judoka brought back 60 shiai and 3 kata medals. That’s a very high percentage of success!! But on top of that, Victoria had, in my humble, unbiased opinion, Victoria had the best team spirit at the Championships. The teamwork between our managers, coaches and athletes, backed up by the parents and supporters, was excellent, and made me very proud to be a Victorian.
My deepest thanks go to our management team, led so ably by Jean Coughlan, and to the dedicated coaching staff: Maria Pekli, Dave Nabulsi, Daniel Kelly, Ivo Dos Santos, Ben Donegan and Dave Karney. As well as coaching at their own clubs these people also gave up their time to produce one of our best ever teams, in every sense, not just in our excellent return of medal placings.
                                                                                                                                                                                     With the passing of the 2015 nationals, there is time to draw a little breath before we head into the back half of the year. Soon, we will start again. I hope that many of our judoka will make a start by taking part in the July 19 Regional Championships being held in Lilydale, Footscray and Geelong. These are designed for our less experienced – you should be able to enjoy a fun and relaxed first try at competition judo!

For our elite team, the build-up to next year’s nationals begins at the Southern Cross tournament. We expect every member who wants to represent our State at the Nationals next year to take part in Southern Cross. If we had 81 people competing for Victoria at the nationals, I think we should be able to produce a team of 100 people for our “home-town” international open.
Congratulations to all those who worked so hard preparing for this year’s Australian Championships. Enjoy your rest, and I hope that you have a fun time at our next event, the Regional Championships!  

Doug Noack  President JVI

Nationals Results Wrap

Team Vic at Nationals - it's not all about the medals
The Victorian State Team had a successful Nationals 2015 in Wollongong over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, coming home with 60 Shiai and 3 Kata medals.
 Shiai medals                                      Kata medals
19  Gold,     (6 Women, 13 Men)       1 Gold
11  Silver     (5 Women,  6 Men)        0 Silver
30  Bronze  (8 Women, 22 Men)       2 Bronze

Senior Coach, Daniel Kelly commented "It was a tough competition,especially for the elites.Overall there were some encouraging results across the team."

Team Vic Manager, Jean Poole -Coughlan,while being delighted with medal winning performances, said highlights for her included seeing those players who had progressed in their sport and who fought their best and represented their  State, Club and themselves in the spirit of Judo.

Jean mentioned Luca Aiberti who had a long wait to see if he made repecharge and then had 3 repecharge fights in quick succession. "He coped so well with the pressure and the long day."  Jean also mentioned Igor Arzhintar, who fought in the Kyu and Masters events on Friday afternoon, was delighted to have made it to Nationals and already planning next year's Nationals campaign.
Below- Melanie Wallis, Open Women's Champion for 2015 with her club coach Akira Yamada
Tales from Trudy
Trudy Walker, A.I.S Women Leaders In Sport Scholarship recipient, tells us about her year to date.
"Representing Australia as a Referee in Europe was a  very big personal step and also a fantastic opportunity  for me to learn from others."
 As part of the grant that got me there, I was required to attend a workshop in Melbourne which was attended by other WLiS recipients who have worked hard within their chosen sport at both a personal and organisational level.
The Women in Sport Leadership Workshop was made up of leading women across sports such as Motocross, Rowing, Basketball,Cross Country Skiing as well as Judo and had representatives from State and National level, including from the Olympic Selection Board and the Paralympic body.

Much of the discussion focused around women in our sport - our strengths and weaknesses, the way we operate and how to come through with the goods when you are committed to your sport. It also provided an excellent range of resources.
Whether you are an athlete,an official or  an administrator in an organisation, it is important to understand that we all rely on each other to achieve the best out of our sport.                                 Working together and supporting those who need it, will ensure growth -  the right people in the right jobs with successful outcomes.
The workshop also encouraged individuals to focus on what was needed to be done to improve their situation to achieve goals and to develop a plan for personal growth that would be a positive reflection in the sport they represented.
Stepping outside your comfort zone isn't easy but when you love a sport like so many of us do, we all need to do things to be a part of it and keep making it better!


Volunteering Victoria has developed a free Volunteer Management Toolkit to help sports clubs support their volunteers.                         It contains information and templates on recruitment, writing position descriptions, induction manuals, resources for acknowledging volunteers and much more.

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