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Welcome to the August  '15 newsletter                                  President's Report  

August has been a great month for Judo Victoria.                                                                                                       The highlight of the month was of course, the successful running of the 4th Southern Cross International Open Championships. Sandy Hollingworth and her hard-working crew of volunteers on the Tournament Committee did a terrific job of organising the event. So many details have to be worked out before a major tournament such as SCIO. That calls for a lot of coordinating with lots of different people, over a whole range of jobs – from the people who set out the mats, to the people who print the tournament booklet, to the people who prepare the accreditation tags, to the all-important referees. The referees in particular did a sterling job – they played a key part in the high quality of the championship.
SCIO was easily one of the smoothest run tournaments that I have been to this year, which is a testament to just how well Sandy and her team did their work.                                                                                                                My heartfelt thanks go to Sandy and every volunteer who contributed to the success of the tournament.
                                                                                                                                                                                        The only thing that I would like to see next year is more juniors. Our junior competitor numbers were good, but I felt that there could have been so many more. Given that you don’t really have to travel to Springers to compete in SCIO, I would have liked to have seen our juniors absolutely FLOODING the draw sheets. Next year, let’s make sure that every junior division has at least 5 competitors from Victoria.
                                                                                                                                                                                  August has certainly been a month for elite judo.  At the start of the month, the Australian Cadet team, captained by our own Sam Farrington, and containing Victorians Maeve Coughlan and Sancia Donegan-Carlisle.  Then again at the end of the month, our members of the senior Australian team took up the challenge- Jake Bensted, Hannah Trotter, Aoife Coughlan and Jake Andrewartha all gave their very best efforts in Astana, Kazakhstan.
While our team all gave it their very best effort, it was unfortunately without success. However, it should be remembered that judo is one of the most competitive sports on the planet – 120 nations took part in the senior World Championships, represented by 723 competitors.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Not a bad stat to quote to your friends who say, “Judo? What’s Judo?” – Tell them its one of the most popular sports in the world!!
Elite athletes such as our national representatives don’t suddenly appear like a bolt out of the blue.                       They all started at our more beginner friendly tournaments – such as the one being held soon at Springers on September 13th.                                                                                                                                                                  I hope that you can come along and have some fun at our next tournament.

Doug Noack
Congratulations  Maria Pekli     IJF Hall of Fame Inductee 2015
Our National President Neville Sharpe, was at the IJF Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held in Astana, Kazakhstan, before this weeks' World Titles, where Maria Pekli was inducted. A deserved recipient and proud JFA President.
JVI Club of the Month- Endeavour Hills Judo Club
JVI spoke with Janet Lambert, Senior Coach, about the Endeavour Hills Judo Club.
How did Endeavour Hills Judo Club start?

There have been a couple of name changes over the years starting with the YWCA of Dandenong and Westernport Judo Club.  I commenced classes in 1973 in a big farm House in Hallam.         We moved to Berwick for a few years and then to a local school in Endeavour Hills and then to the Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre.  We ended up back in Hallam at our current location at the Hallam Recreational Hall a good few years ago.
Jim Campbell and Geoff James and I were the main drivers behind renaming the club EHJC, as we became independent from the Leisure Centre. Stan Ashley joined us on the mat many years ago to Coach and Jim has continued to Coach at the Club since bringing his 6yo son (now in his late 20’s) to classes.   
Why is Endeavour Hills known as the Family Club?
Our members stay with us for a long time, sometimes with a break in their training and return many years later.  We have had former members bring their children back to us. Adrian James, JVI Committee member, is the son of Geoff and he still visits to train with us. Stan Ashley’s children and grandchildren have and do train at the club. My children have trained at the club and we have quite a few families, parent and children, that train with us.  
For the first hour at our training sessions, Seniors and Juniors train together. Our Seniors, as well as training together, love working with the kids and helping with their skill development. It’s great to see the reaction when the children get the chance to throw, usually, their Dad (We need more Mums on the mat).

What is the coaching philosophy at EHJC?
We have a strong emphasis on enjoyment and fitness. While we do mainly concentrate on participation, we have club members who want to pursue a competition pathway and we support and provide the training to do this. Over the years, a number of our members have competed at the highest level at State, National and Internationally.

Are there any plans for EHJC?
Of course, we would like a permanent Dojo but we are very happy at our current venue. We would like to continue to grow our membership and provide the opportunity for more residents in the South Eastern suburbs to discover the benefits of learning Judo.

Important Notice
Judo Victoria Inc. (the applicant) has applied to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (the tribunal) for an exemption from the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 to allow it to discriminate on the basis of age in respect of its grading system and to advertise that matter(specified conduct).

The Tribunal will hear the Application at 10.00am on a date to be fixed after 7 December 2015 at 223 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria.
If you want to make a submission to the Tribunal either for or against the Application you must send it in writing addressed to Human Rights List, VCAT, 223 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.
Please quote reference H141/2015.
The closing date for submissions is 30 October 2015.
Hearing details will be available from the Tribunal after 30 September 2015.
Current Grants and Funding Available
There are a number of grant programs and funding opportunities open.  They are available to JVI Members and member clubs.

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Help grow our Sport! Get on Board!       AGM 2015 new date!
The date for the 2015 Judo Victorian Inc. Annual General Meeting has been moved.

The new date for the JVI AGM is November 29.
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