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Welcome to 2016!!!!!
We hope that all of our members and friends in Victoria and around the world had a safe and relaxing holiday period.

Key upcoming dates for the start of 2016

State training starts on Saturday 1st of February and continues each Saturday until the National Championships which are to be held at the Geelong Arena on the Queens Birthday long weekend.  The Junior team training times are 1pm til 2.30pm and Senior training from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Training will be held at Senshi Academy 3/196 Settlement Rd Thomastown. Hope to see everyone there!

Many of the state team and others will also want to be competing at the ACT open which is to be held February 20th and 21st.  Start Training!

Summer Training Tips from Olympian Ivo Dos Santos

Summer time is upon us and for the Victorian Judo World that generally means rest, relaxation, food and sunshine. This is generally followed by gut busting training, sweat, cramps and feeling like you’ve lost all fitness in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Don’t be a complete slacker
Research has shown people who do one maximal lift and/or one 20 minute cardio session will slow down the decrease in relevant muscle strength and/or cardio respiratory capacity by 50%.
Basically, if you knock off a quick gym session and a run in those rest weeks you will be a lot better (or not as bad) as if you had complete rest.

Free time, good times
With businesses, schools, universities, judo clubs, etc shutting down you’ve got the opportunity to try things you normally wouldn’t have time for. Exercises like Yoga, Swimming, Crossfit and others are often ignored but why not grab a friend and have a go.
You might actually enjoy it and your body will be better off for it.

Don’t go like a bull upon return to Judo
It is common to return to Judo with new motivation, excitement and renewed energy. Be mindful that you and your training partners have probably not done much with a gi for a while and out of synch training partners is the cause for most injuries in Judo. Take your time, the Olympics aren’t until August

Play, Think, Create
We’ve all got that one throw, transition, counter or combination we’ve always wanted to perfect. Why not use this period where we’re just getting started for 2014 to play around with these techniques and commit time to them without the pressure of upcoming competitions. Most of the world’s great inventions came from people using their idle time, why not try and innovate within your own Judo.
Train hard, sweat, smile, Summer Judo is the best time of the year!

IJF Academy – Level 1 Instructor Course


The JFA, in conjunction with the IJF, is pleased to provide the below information on the proposed IJF Academy – Level 1 Instructor Course to be held in Australia this year.


This is a great opportunity for members of the Australian Judo community to complete this course here in Australia, rather than paying the large amount of money usually involved to complete the course in Hungary.


Please email to apply by no later than Friday 29th January, however the earlier the better.

Course details can be found at

Note From JudoVIC State Squad Manager

Squad session will start on SATURDAY February 6th.  Please note the change of day WE ARE NOT ON SUNDAYS THIS YEAR!
Sessions will be held most Saturdays until June 4th, the last Saturday before Nationals, except when major interstate competitions are on and of course Easter weekend! Exact dates will be in a handout that will either be emailed to you or on a flyer I will have at the first session. For 2016 only the requirement is to do a minimum of 50% of available session, but you are strongly encouraged to do as many as you can get to.
is Senshi Academy   Address: 3/196 Settlement Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074   (Ivo Dos Santos’ club)  NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE
Google Map,145.036153,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd86b6b3a51d9c493
Coming from the west, get off the Metropolitan Ring Road at Dalton Road, head south, take the first left off the roundabout at Bunnings and Senshi is a Km or so down the road on your left.
Coming from the east, you can get off the Ring Road at Plenty Road, head south to turn right onto Settlement Road and drive a couple of Km, Senshi on your right, or carry on to Dalton Road as above.
Coming from the City, head up towards Bundoora (Plenty Road, left onto Settlement Road)/Reservoir (St Georges Rd/Spring St/High St, right onto Mahoneys Road at Keon Park Station, veer left at the BP at the traffic lights, right hand exit off the roundabout at Bunnings)
which is the U12 and U15 group will train from 1pm to 2.30pm. Please make sure you are at Senshi at least 10 minutes before each session so that we can start on time.
which are the Cadets, Young Men/Women, Seniors, Masters, will be from 2.30-4.30pm. Arrive early so we can start on time please.
If we find that the numbers are so large as to require extra time so everyone gets enough randori we will look at extending the session. However we hope that this won’t be necessary (not that we don’t want huge numbers!) because the mat area at Senshi is a good size so we should be able to have larger numbers of pairs on the mat for each randori.
Senshi has changing rooms upstairs, where we would appreciate players leaving their kitbags, and a sitting area for drivers and siblings.
Make sure you come extra-early the first day as I will need to collect forms and money from you all which takes time.
Maria Pekli (Seniors) and David Nabulsi (Juniors) are our Head Coaches, ably supported by Ivo Dos Santos, Daniel Kelly (Olympic Team Coach, so he will not be available as much as in the last few years), Paul Coughlan, Dave Karney. If there are other coaches out there who would like to get involved please talk to the Head Coaches at the first session, or email me re your interest and I will pass your email on to them.
State Squad Training Fee has been kept at $100 for 2016, with a capped Family Fee of $200 for two/more players in the same family
Casual Training Fee, for players who come to train occasionally, is $15 per session
Nationals entry fees have been, for the past couple of years, $60 per division, $120 per Kata pair – until the Nationals information is released by JFA I will not know if this will be the case in 2016 but it is unlikely to go down.
Uniform requirements and costs will be notified as soon as I can. Last year the team hoodie cost about $40, and we are looking at a team polo which would be about $30.
Players who are eligible to nominate for Nationals (at least 9 yrs old in 2016 and minimum Orange belt for the Juniors, at least 15 yrs old in 2016 and minimum Green belt for Seniors) but who are not sure if they want to nominate for Nationals are welcome to come and train. State Squad sessions are heavily weighted towards hard randori to prepare players for Nationals. They are not suitable for new players with no competition experience. Cadets and older who are Orange belt may come if they are ready for this type of session and can nominate for Nationals if their coach believes they can be graded to Green by the start of Nationals
Next week I will send out a Registration form – if you can print it out and bring it to the first session already filled in it would save a lot of time – make sure email addresses and phone numbers are very clearly written so you get future communications – this is especially important if you have changed either since last year (highlight that so I pick up on it!)
If you have any questions please email me and I will try to answer ASAP.
If you have an urgent query my phone number is 0413341587
It is highly recommended for the Senior group (Cadets and older) that they try to get to the ACT International Open (weekend of Feb 21st) and/or the Qld International Open (which is in the Gold Coast this year, first weekend in March and now has a new name which I don’t recall at this moment) to get experience of fighting their interstate opposition at a competition run very like Nationals, especially if they haven’t fought at this level before.
Please pass this email on to anyone in your club – print it out and pin up on your noticeboard -  who you think might be interested and who may not be on my mailing list. If you are not on this mailing list (you are reading the printed out email) please send me an email and I will add you to my list
Looking forward to seeing you all at the first session
Jean Poole-Coughlan State Team Manager
For further information or questions regarding any of the content in this newsletter please email

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