Any National or State advertised positions or paid employment, will be advertised on this page.


The JFA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Saturday the 14th October at the Sydney Airport Qantas Meeting Rooms.

Exact timings for the AGM and the National Strategic Forum to follow it, will be formally advised in due course.

Call for Director Nominations

Two (2) elected director positions will become vacant at the AGM, these positions are currently held by Shane Alvisio and Nick Papadimitropoulos. Any Member State that would like to make nominations for these positions must do so as per the attached nomination form.  NOMINATION FORM

Call for Motions

Any Member State that would like to submit a motion(s) for consideration at the AGM can do so via email to Alex.Vallentine@ausjudo.com.au

The submission deadline for both Director Nominations and Motions is COB Friday 15thSeptember 2017.