Starting Judo

All Judo Victoria Inc. clubs follow the Judo Federation of Australia guidelines, however, all clubs are different, reflecting the interests of the instructor and members.

As a beginner you will learn etiquette, break-falls and some basic throws and pins (hold-downs).   You do not need to have a judo suit to start playing Judo.   Your club will assist you to purchase one when you are ready.

With training, you will find your fitness improving, and you will start to use a variety of throws and groundwork and get to know the Judo vocabulary.

Soon you will want to try to achieve a coloured belt.   As a member of JVI your club sensei (Head coach with JFA registered Black belt) can arrange for you to undertake a grading.   You will need to be a JVI member to be graded.   Your club can help you become a member and then you will receive a membership card and for your new grade, a National grading certificate.

To get started, click on Find A Club to search out a club near you and then ask questions as to whether they are social, competition, Kata or self-defence oriented.

Join Judo Victoria

When you find the right club for you, you can chat to your club about registration. They will discuss fees and getting started, once you are ready all registration is processed via our online portal, the link to the portal is below. You may register for a trial membership which will give you 30 days to try Judo, a trial membership does not give you access to enter competitions.

You are now on the road to Judo excellence, and have a lifetime of enjoyment and improvement ahead of you.

Judo Competitions

You may also want to try out your skills against others in a competition (Shiai).   Competitions are great fun and a major way of improving your Judo.   As a JVI member you can use your membership card to enter JVI competitions.

Competitions are organised with safety in mind and officiated by referees who have undergone extensive training.   As you gain experience in shiai and get more gradings, you can also enter Kata competitions, and soon you will be ready for the “black-belt”.

Check out the events tab below for competition dates.

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